Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

bbc (2)

So the Conservative manifesto failed to receive the same level of scrutiny and hostility from the media as the Labour manifesto.  Hardly a surprise to see Laura Kuenssburg, political editor at the BBC, proudly hailing the Tory manifesto as Theresa May’s “bid to be tough not cruel”, while declaring the Labour manifesto to be “more spending, more tax and more borrowing”. After all she needn’t worry about being out of work again as she must be guaranteed a safe Tory seat whenever she wants, for services rendered.

And imagine the response if  Labour had been found not to have costed the impact of a manifesto pledge like Michael Fallon did this evening about the Tory manifesto pledge to reduce immigration.

Oh and another thing, the Tory manifesto says there will be no new Leveson enquiry.  Those nights that May spent cosying up to Murdoch and Dacre must have been well worth it…for all concerned.

We don’t have to accept this.

The return to the 70s continues…I remember being handed a leaflet outside the school gates when I was 12 or 13 years old promoting a Rock Against Racism gig and all I could do was immaturely snigger with my mates about a band on the bill called Buzzcocks.  A year or so later and I finally caught up with them (and things!) but by then their best days were arguably over. Anyway that brings me to Steel Pulse, who were probably also on that leaflet as they played many a Rock Against Racism benefit, and who I would have been ashamedly also clueless about at the time.   Thankfully, not now.

Things can’t remain the same. Yah no!


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